This clay Fires to cone 10, shrinkage approx 11%

Sold in 25 lb bags.

    Toki Flameware (+$20)

    • Pieces should be left thicker than you would with other clay bodies to help with thermal shock and better heat retention. But all walls need to be as even as possible in terms of thickness.

      Pieces should not be trimmed with “foot rings”, but left smooth on the bottom. 

      No hard edges!

      Pieces can be hand built, but care should be taken to avoid unevenness and any “weak points”. 

      Many “common” glazes will not work with flameware clays, due to the glazes inability to handle open flames without causing defects. Therefore we recommend our two Flameware glaze bases.

      Research and testing should be used when using any glaze on flameware clay. Any glaze which shivers or crazes heavily should not be used. Both will weaken the clay body and cause possible breakage. Please test your glaze on a flameware test tile before making and using flameware clay items.

      An unglazed, burnished surface also works very well..

      Always support extended appendages, handles, spouts, etc so they don't slump