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The Coil Built Vessel: 
With Mitch Iburg & Zoë Powell  

Please join us for artists Zoë Powell and Mitch Iburg of Studio Alluvium for a 2 day workshop. Students will spend the weekend exploring new techniques in hand building through coiling and combining multiple clay bodies. During these two days we will be using altering techniques to aid efficiency and the durability of the building process while using coiling as a tool for expression. The first day students will be introduced to clays, stones, and grogs, as well as proper "foot wedging" techniques. The second day Zoë and Mitch will help foster attendees projects to direct them toward their own artistic expression.


Artist Talk & Demo- this is free to the public (Aug 30th 7-8:30):

- Meet & Greet, Introductions, Examples, and Workshop Overview

-Short lecture and slide show  

-Mitch and Zoë will be bringing their work available for purchase. All are invited to come in early to make a purchase from them 30 minutes before the event begins. 


Day 1 (Aug 31st, 12-5pm):

Brief intro to materials used at Studio Alluvium.

-Foot wedging 
-Student work time: wedging sand into clay 
Mitch : Coil built vessels 
Zoë : Upside down coil building 
Student work time for attendees to build their own sculptures

Day 2 (Sept 1st, 12-4pm):


Finish Vessels from day 1 

Adapting traditional techniques to create original forms 

Student Work Time 
Discuss Progress

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