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Matt Katz  
Glaze Making: Understanding Cone 6

The how’s and why’s of Cone 6 glazes.


Glazes are mysterious, alluring… and confusing. To complicate things, Cone 6, is the most popular temperature out there, it is also the most confusing and temperamental temperature we have. Yet, glazes don’t have to be so baffling. Glazes work for a reason, also don’t work for the same reasons.


In this workshop, we’ll look, touch, test and discuss the how’s and why’s of Cone 6 glazes. We will help you see the light and destroy the mysteries, myths and legends that surround these glazes.


Day 1 (Friday January 10th, 12-5pm):

Mixing Your Glaze

 Each student will be supplied with the custom glaze recipe and materials that they will be experimenting with. No previous glaze mixing experience needed, Matt will show you how to measure calculate mix and galze test tiles. at the end of the session tiles go directly into kiln so they are ready for review on Sunday.

Day 2 (Saturday January 11th, 10am-4pm):

Introduction To Glaze Chemistry

 What makes a glaze? 

In this section of the workshop students will discuss different glaze ingredients, what they do, as well as glaze mishaps and how they happen.

Day 3 (Sunday January 12th, 10am-4pm):

Glaze Chemistry Introduction Continued 

Students will review test tiles. This day is the most fun!









About Matt Katz

Matt Katz has taught ceramic materials for artists at Alfred University for over 15 years. 
He is a working ceramic artist with a B.F.A from Alfred and M.F.A. from the University of Colorado-Boulder
He has worked as a Ceramic Engineer and researcher for almost 20 years.
Katz uses his knowledge of Art and Engineering to make ceramic science  understandable for people of all experience levels. 
Matt is an experienced online educator, who has crafted an online version of material studies, accessible and understandable for everyone. 

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