Corporate Events

Let Clayroom host your next party or group function.

Our facility can accommodate up to 50 people and events are designed to be creative, casual (BYOB) and a lot of fun. Participants will learn basic techniques on the potter’s wheel, and/or hand-building techniques.



      1-discipline                    $75/person​​ | 2-hours 


          $100/person | 3-hours

Choose between either wheel-throwing or hand-building

Wheel-throwing: Get creative on the pottery wheel with co-workers/friends to make functional pieces such as bowls, mugs, thumblers, vases, etc...

Hand-building: Use slabs to make mugs, coasters and hangers. Technique is straight forward but lends itself to loads of creative freedom with design, textures and layering

Candle-making: For the holidays only, create your own own custom scent  in 2 beautiful pots for a ready made gift 

Combine both disciplines of ceramics with intense wheel-throwing and more chill hand-building for an all encompassing event

Free Add-ons:

Wheel-throwing Olympics: add a competitive spark to your event with fun wheel-throwing events

Group throwing: No not Ghost, but working as a team making pieces. Perfect for enhancing team building and for planters for the office

Interested but need  help w/ booking?

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