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Nerikomi Workshop With Ivy Weinglass 

Join Brooklyn-based ceramicist Ivy Weinglass for an evening of clay play.  In this workshop, you’ll discover Ivy’s version of Nerikomi, a Japanese decorative process in which you layer different colored clays and then cut through the cross section to reveal a pattern. As she demonstrates her approach to working with clay and shares the little tricks she’s learned along the way, you’ll learn from start to finish how to prep and create a slab to work from. Ivy will also share how she makes her bestselling Range Series pieces, essentially painting with sections of patterned clay to create a landscape. By the end of the workshop, you will have created your own Nerikomi-inspired pieces and learned valuable tips on how to incorporate this centuries-old technique into your own work. 




 (Friday November 22nd, 6-9pm):

- Introductions and presentation of Ivys work.

- Discuss different clay bodies and layering techniques. 

- Demo's of different forms using slabs.

- Student Work Time (making landscapes and patterns with student slabs)

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